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Years ago, at the age of 8 years old, a young boy named William Lott wrote his very first "screenplay" entitled, "Blood Bath". It was a before-its-time slasher film that was approximately 15 pages and had MANY original ideas and concepts. After a successful first (and final, of course) draft, William knew he loved writing and the art of filmmaking just as much as acting. 

William has always loved creating his own projects, and continues to do so. He currently has a new genre-bending short horror film underway,  amongst a few others, titled "Bottom", which is on track to make its festival run in 2022.

He most recently released his proof of concept pilot episode for "The "Actor"". He also released his directorial debut ,"GHOSTED", in October of 2019. Amongst directing, William also wrote, produced, and edited both projects and continues to explore his craft with small projects under the production of 

He previously was the driving force behind "ROOMIES", a comedic web series, which has garnered 380,000+ views amongst the episodic series.   

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